Higher Secondary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.Joseph's H.S.S, Chengal.
 2 Jnanodaya Central School, Chengal,.
 3 St.Ann's Public School, Cherthala.
 4 St.Mary's Higher Secondary School, Ernakulam.
 5 St.Tresa's Convent English Medium Higher Secondary Scho, Jalgaon.
 6 St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Koonammavu.
 7 Infant Jesus Public School, North Parur.
 8 Infant Jesus Public School, Paravoor.
 9 St. Joseph's C. G. Higher Secondary School, Thripunithura.
 High School
 No  Name and Place
 1 Carmel Convent Eng.Med.School, Ahmed Nagar.
 2 St.George s High School, Chambakkara.
 3 St. Joseph's G.H.S, Chengal.
 4 St. Ann's Public School, Cherthala.
 5 Rani Matha Public School, Ernakulam.
 6 St. Mary's Convent Girls High School, Ernakulam.
 7 Rani Matha Public School, Ernakulam.
 8 St. Joseph's C. G. H. S, Kanjoor.
 9 St.Josephs H.S.School, Koonammavu.
 10 St.Josephs Public School, Narakkal.
 11 Vimala Central School, Perumbavoor.
 12 St. George's High School, Poonithura.
 13 Vima Matha Public School, Rajagiri.
 14 St.Josephs C.G.H.S., Trippunithura.
 15 Stella Maris Public School, Udayamperoor.
 Industrial Training Institutes
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph's T.T.I, Ernakulam.
 Other Colleges
 No  Name and Place
 1 Snehasadan College of Information Technology, Angamaly.
 2 Snehodaya Centre of Information Technology, Angamaly.
 Teachers Training Institutes
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam.
 2 St. Joseph's TTI, Karukutty.
 3 St.Joseph TTI for women, Kovilvattom.
 Upper Primary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.Joseph's L.P.School, Besleham..
 2's U.P.School, Chambakkara.
 3 Our Lady of P.H.U.P.School, Edakkunnu.
 4 St. Little Theresa's U P School, Karumalloor.
 5 St.Josephs U.P.School, Koonammavu.
 6 Jyothis English Medium School, Manjapra.
 7 Santhome Central School, Mookkannur.
 8 St. George's U.P.School, Poonithura.
 9 St. Joseph Convent Girls U. P. School, Thripunithura.
 10 St. Joseph Convent Eng. Medium L. P. School, Thripunithura.
 11 St.Josephs U.P.School, Trippunithura.
 Lower Primary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.James Eng.Med.L.P.School, Chambakkara.
 2 Desabendhu L.P. School, Chathamma.
 3 Deshabendhu L.P.School, Cheppanam.
 4 St. Mary's Convent Girls L.P.School, Ernakulam.
 5 St.Marys C.G.L.P.School, Ernakulam.
 6 Little Flower English Medium School, Kanjoor.
 7 Vidyanikethan English Medium L. P. School, Karukutty.
 8 Holy Family Public School, Keechery.
 9 St. Joseph's English Medium L. P. School, Koonammavu.
 10 St.Josephs Eng.Med.L.P.School, Koonammavu.
 11 Holy Family Eng.Med.School, Kulliattikara.
 12 St.Mary's L.P. School, Manjapra.
 13 Infant Jesus L.P.School & Nursery, NGO Quarters.
 14 St. Joseph's L.P. School, Pallipurathussery.
 15 Vimala English Medium L. P. School, Perumbavoor.
 16 St. James E.M.L.P.School, Poonithura.
 17 Infant Jesus L.P.School, Thrikkakara.
 18 St.Josephs Eng.Med. Nursery & L.P. School, Trippunithura..
 19 St.Josephs L.P.School, Vaikom.
 No  Name and Place
 1 Mary Rani Play School, Thiruvamkulam.
 Special Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 Snehasadan College of Special Education, Angamaly.
 2 Chavara Special School, Koonammavu.
 Hostels & Boardings
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.Joseph Students Hostel, Ernaklam.
 2 St.Ann's boarding, Ernakulam.
 3 Little Flower Boarding, Vaikom..
 Boardings For Girls
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Anne's Boarding, Ernakulam.
 2 Little Flower Boarding, Thripunithura.
 Hostels For Girls
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph's Hostel, Kovilavattom.
 2 St. Joseph's Hostel, Kovilavattom Road.
 3 St. Ann's Boarding, Muttom.
 4 Vimala Hostel, NGO Quarters.
 5 I.H.M. Hostel, Thirunalloor.
 Nursery School
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph Nursery School, Alangad.
 2 Carmel Nursery School, Annanad.
 3 St. Joseph Nursery School, Chendamangalam.
 4 St.Mary's Nursery School, Chengal.
 5 St. Ann's Nursery School, Cherthala.
 6 Lissieux Bhavan Nursery School, Elamkulam.
 7 Navadeepthi Eng. Med. Nursery School, Karumaloor.
 8 Infant Jesus Nursery School, Kumbalam.
 9 St. James Nursery School, Poonithura.
 10 St. George's Nursery School, Poonithura.
 11 Vimala Nursery School, Thirunalloor.
 12 St. Little Theresas E. M. Nursery School, Vazhakulam.
 Nursing School
 No  Name and Place
 1 Carmel School of Nursing, Asokapuram.
 Nursing College
 No  Name and Place
 1 Carmel College of Nursing, Asokapuram.
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Mary's Convent Orphanage, Ernakulam.
 2 St. Augustin's Balabhavan, Ernakulam.
 3 St. Joseph Fathima Bhavan, Koonammavu.
 4 St.Joseph's Fathima Balabhavan, Koonammavu.
 5 St. Antony's Balabhavan, N. Parur.
 6 St. Antony's Balabhavan, Pallipurathussery.
 7 St.Antony's Balabhavan, Vaikom.
 Rehabilitation Centre
 No  Name and Place
 1 Chavara Social Centre, Kumbalam.
 Other Institutions
 No  Name and Place
 1 Lissieux Bhavan Day Care Centre, Elamkulam.
 2 Chavara Social Centre, Ernakulam.
 Tailoring Centre
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.Josephs Tailoring Centre, Koonammvu.
 School for Mentally Retarded
 No  Name and Place
 1 Chavara Special School for mentally retarded, Koonammavu.
 2 Snehasadan Special School for Mentally Retarded, Pothiakkara.
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