Chavara Special School -  For Mentally Retarded, Koonammavu

Chavara Special School for Mentally Retarded, Koonammavu established in 1991 is the realization of a long cherished dream of Vimala Province of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC), founded by Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara. It is owned and managed by the sisters of Madonna convent as per the regulations of the Travancore Cochin Societies Registration Act (Reg. No. ER.311/94).

Koonammavu is in Kottuvally Panchayath, N. Parur Taluk of Ernakulam District, adjacent to Varapuzha.

The tiny seed of this noble endeavour sown in 1991 with 8 children has grown into a rather big plant with 180 children.

Service Programmes

1. School for Children with Mental Retardation
The Special School admits around 180 students in the age range of 4 to  40 years. Children are grouped into pre-primary, secondary, pre-vocational, and Vocational levels. The curricular activities include self care, motor, communication, functional academics, Socialization, domestic and Vocational skills. Besides these, training is imparted in co-curricular activities such as sports and games, Physical Education, Yoga, Music, Band, Art & craft. Computer assisted instruction is provided to improve students performance: students also get chance to participate in cultural competitions as well as in Special Olympics.

2. Psychological Services 
Behavior modification of students is the main service of the unit. It offers guidance and counseling services for students, Parents and teachers. Various remedial instructional procedures are used to improve the overall quality of performance.

3. Special Education services 
The main functions of this unit include taking case history, assessing the current level of functioning in various skill areas, planning appropriate intervention services, giving parental training etc.

4. Physiotherapy 
Therapeutic Programmes are made available for improving their postures and movements.

5. Awareness Programmes 
Aiming to improve the work related to skills of students, they practice various pre-vocational activities.

6. Vocational Training 
Training is given to make soap and soap products, liquid blue, lotion, and to do beads work. A new cutting and punching machine is installed to make various types of envelops. Strenuous efforts are being made to realize the dream of a Vocational Rehabilitation Centre as an extension unit.

7. Residential Services 
There is facility to accommodate 40 students, irrespective of caste or creed for training in daily living skills

The staff consists of the Principal, 5 trained teachers, 3 specialists for Craft, Music & Dance and Phsical Education, one Vocational Instructor, one clerk and 7 Ayahs. Besides, the selfless service of a Physician is ever available for our disabled children.

The institute has a highly motivated faculty, good infrastructure and above all a peaceful atmosphere to fulfill the expectations and demands of the present scenario.

We look forward for your whole hearted co-operation and generous support in our march towards progress.


For further details, please contact :

The Principal 
Chavara Special School for Mentally Retarded 
Koonammavu -683518 Kerala, India. 
Ph. 0484 -2516356 or 3950414