Our prime duty is to bring about faith formation of the laity and all our missionary activities are directed towards this goal. Sisters strive for the renewal of those around them. Mass media is also utilized for the fulfillment of this goal. The following programmes have been chalked out for preparing the sisters to lead the people of God.
A Faith formation team is functioning to implement such activities. Home mission, Christeen programmes, CMC Associates, Carmel buds etc are organized to mould people especially Women and Children in true Christian spirit. Courses, Classes ,and Seminars are conducted with this view. Occasions are provided for Charismatic Retreats, Kerigma classes for the spiritual upliftment of the people of God . People are conscientised on various social and moral issues such as Artificial Family Planning, Sex Education, and Prolife. Sisters play an active role to impart the rich heritage of Carmel to the people around. Catechism is yet another chosen apostolate of CMC. Various Audiovisual Aids are prepared for the spiritual awakening and growth of people .Our sisters serve in various Retreat Centers and provide counseling and guidance to the needy .The Province also has a HOLY SPIRIT COUNSELLING CENTRE to its credit .Sisters are equipped for counseling and guidance is given for cases of mixed marriages and train them in sacramental and other devotional practices for receiving the sacraments worthily.
Sisters animate Jesus Youth activities, Pius Associations and Family Unit activities, etc. A number of sisters are conducting Parish animation training programmes. Some of the sisters hold responsible posts in Forane and Diocese and serve the people of God as secretaries in Catechism and Pius Associations . One of the sisters serves as sister animator of the Central and All Kerala Kerigma ministry and All Kerala Secretary of Charismatic Renewal. Our sisters have been the presidents of Diocesian Women Welfare Society.
Our sisters provide spiritual animation for the prayer groups associated with various Parishes . Every month a Prayer group lead Passion prayer in Provincial House.