From the very beginning Education has been the chosen field of our apostolate . Our founder Bl .Kuriakose Chavara entrusted us the noble mission of dedicating ourselves for the uplift and faith formation of our fellowmen especially of women and children through education . Education is not a profession but a sacred call, a great apostolate through which we participate in the teaching mission of the Church.  Keeping this in view Vimala Province runs various educational institutions under the head VIMALA CORPORATE EDUCATIONAL AGENCY. Provincial superior is the CORPORATE MANAGER.
Majority of the sisters of the Province are in the apostolate of education. One percentage of the salary of the sisters is collected as education fund and spent in organizing seminars for teachers and students and giving economic support to poor students. Faculty members are given opportunities for participating in various National and International seminars to update themselves in our Educational Institutions . Every year a One Day Seminar for all the members of the Teaching Faculty is organized by the VIMALA CORPORATE EDUCATIONAL AGENCY.