Healing is not only an alleviation of bodily pain but also a response to a persons' search for liberation. Through this noble Apostolate of caring for the sick, the suffering humanity experiences the healing touch of Jesus. Vimala Province is engaged in caring for the sick and the suffering here in Kerala and abroad. Sisters are diligent to provide medical care and are tirelessly working in Italy, Germany, North India, Kothavara, Nayarambalam and in Asokapuram. Today we have a fullfledged Multispeciality Hospital in Asokapuram, Carmel Hospital, offering medical treatment and care in various areas. It renders a whole gamut of activities which include Blood Donation Camps , Free Medical Camps instant help in areas affected by natural calamities etc. Besides physical healing help is also taken to provide psychological and spiritual help through counselling, thereby helping them to realize their full human dignity and by upholding the value of life.